Bengal patterns and colours

The spotted/rosetted Bengal cat

This pattern is the most common between Bengals. Rosettes are closed rounded shapes with a slightly lighter colour in the middle. On the other hand, spotted pattern ones are On the other hand, the spotted pattern ones are generally smaller and a single colour that should be darker than the fur coat itself.

Rosettes have different shapes that can either be called pancake, clouded, paw-print, donut or arrowhead rosettes. Rosettes and spots come in different sizes and shapes.

The marbled Bengal cat

This pattern is less common than the spotted/rosetted one. This type of pattern becomes more and more amazing as the kitten grows between his birth and his first year. The same colours are produced for both the patterns.

Bengal cats looking

Bengal colours


This is the most popular colour because it is the foundation of the breed. Golden, cream, honey, beige, or caramel are examples of the colours found in a brown type fur coat. These brown cats will either have deeper brown or black marble/spotted patterns. The colour of their eyes are golden or green. Doesn’t this coat colour also remind you of the leopard?


This colour has different shades: silver, silver snow, silver charcoal, silver blue and silver smoke. With a light silver background and a black spotted/marble pattern, the colour of their eyes are golden or green.


With black facial masks and a black stripe along the length of their back, they have extremely dark spot/marble patterns. Charcoal silver or Charcoal brown also exist.MelanisticWith a black background and dark brown or black spotted/marbled pattern, this colour imitates perfectly the black panther and comes in several different shades: solid snow, silver smoke and melanistic.


This colour imitates perfectly the snow panther and comes in several different shades: lynx, mink, sepia, silver snow and snow charcoal.





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