Bengallaurentides Garfield of LexiBengals

Garfield: Born July 29, 2018

Brown Bengal Cat

From a champion bloodline, Garfield has a spectacular short coat and perfect rosettes. With piercing golden eyes and a well-built body, he is the best reincarnation of his wild ancestor! He’s a real-life teddy bear with a perfectly rounded head. Our male is very athletic and strong. He will create superb brown spotted kittens.

TESTED: FIV/FELV Negative (see result)

TESTED: PKdef N/N, PRAb N/N (see result)

Saphira Zorro of LexiBengals

Zorro: Born February 12th, 2019

Black Silver Bengal Cat

From a champion bloodline, Zorro is our one and only silver spotted male. He has a beautiful rosetted pattern with a white background, a pretty head and small ears. With his awesome and unique personality, he charms everyone he meets and loves to sing. Zorro will produce silver kittens with a spectacular contrast and colour.

TESTED: FIV/FELV Negative (see result)

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