How to choose the right Bengal kitten for you

Step 1: Is the Bengal breed right for you?

Bengals tend to be very athletic, loving and amusing cats. They tend to also do well in pairs because they are very social, don’t like being left alone and love to play! Their partner in crime could easily be another cat, dog or child. They are very intelligent and it is possible to train them to do several different tricks like even walking on a leash! They are known to love water so don’t be surprised to see them in the bathtub!

Step 2: Female or male?

The biggest difference between these two genders is weight. A male Bengal cat can weigh up to 10 and 15 pounds while a female Bengal cat can weigh up to 8 and 10 pounds. Furthermore, a male cat will tend to adapt much more easily with young children because they are heavier and his weight would make it harder for younger children to hold them in an inappropriate way. Educating children is also an important process in getting a Bengal cat. All our kittens will be neutered at a young age; therefore, they will not have any hormonal spike that could influence their behaviour. Some Bengal cats tend to be active and playful while others are calmer. You can easily have a playful or an independent kitten no matter the gender. When the time comes to adopt your mini-leopard, base your choice on the character of a kitten and not the gender!

Step 3: Finding the right home

We see our cattery has a gigantic family; therefore, making sure our Bengal kittens find their perfect home is crucial to us. That’s why it’s important for us to make sure that a Bengal kitten is suited to your needs and the kitten’s as well.

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