Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Bengals so expensive compared to other cats?

A: Bengals are more expensive than regular cats because they have a wonderfully wild look about them. (One of the reasons we like them so much!) They’re often called mini leopards or pocket leopards making them more desirable.Our king and queen breeders have considerable expenses. We have the everyday maintenance, their yearly tests to make sure they produce healthy kittens, and of course all of the veterinarian interventions throughout the year. Last but certainly not the least, are the costs related to protecting our kittens with their exams and vaccines for a long and healthy life. Lexi Bengals also partakes in shows for conformity and stay current in all things feline through courses with CCC. All our breeders are pedigreed, and as such we can provide a certificate from CCC or TICA for your Bengal kitten.

What Bengal colours can Lexi Bengals produce?

A: Our cattery produces the following colours: silver, charcoal, snow (lynx, mink and sepia), brown and silver smoke.

Are Bengals good with young children and other animals?

A: Yes, they normally get along really well with children and other pets like dogs because Bengals love action and attention. If you consider a Bengal’s personality, you will notice that they are intelligent and active just like young children. As long as your new kitten is properly introduced in your new home, your Bengal will become a great asset for your family.

Why are Bengals so in demand?

A: Bengal pets are like mini leopard hybrids lounging in the sun. Because their unique colours, markings and wild look always warrant a second prolonged glance, Bengals are strikingly exotic with a domestic flavour. 🙂

At what age can I bring my Bengal kitten home?

A: Kittens generally leave our cattery between the age of 12 and 16 weeks.

Should I let my Bengal kitten go outside?

A: Your Bengal’s health is at greater risk when they venture outside. Not to mention all the cat fights! Bengals are expensive, and yours might become the apple of some thief’s eye. If you’re feeling ambitious, why not build a Catio or perhaps a Bengal garden? That way everyone’s safe and happy.

What Bengal colours are most in demand?

A: Based on our reservation list, our clients are currently interested in the silver and snow mink Bengal.

Should I get a female or a male kitten?

A: Once sprayed or neutered, the sex of a kitten doesn’t really matter even if you already have a companion. Between other animals, the age gap will have a bigger difference. It really only depends on the kitten’s personality and your choice preferences. Every kitten is unique and different so we always try our best to place each Bengal kitten with the perfect family for them.

Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

A: Parents who show symptoms of allergies around cats are less likely to produce an allergic reaction with this breed even though it’s not considered officially as a hypoallergenic breed. We suggest that you come visit our cattery to see if you have a reaction to our breeders.

Can I teach my kitten tricks?

A: Yes you can! Bengals have a dog-like behaviour so they are perfect for tricks.

Are Bengal cats for everyone?

A: No they are not for everyone. Bengals are very intelligent, active and energetic. They have dog-like behaviours, so they tend to follow their owners, play games and even swim. They are great companions for families and don’t do well alone. If you have a quieter household, we recommend having preferably another Bengal or another animal in the house to keep them entertained.

Do Bengals shed?

A: Yes they shed, but not as much as other cats.

Do Bengals do well alone or are they better with another companion?

A: They are very active and attention seeking cats. If you have a family or a very busy household, it may not be necessary, but we always recommend another Bengal or animal companion so they feel less alone at home.

What should I do if I want to adopt a Bengal kitten from you guys?

A: You can contact us for a kitten that is marked available on our website or if you'd like to be added to our reservation list. Being on the list gives you priority to see the available kittens before they are posted on our website and on our Facebook page for everyone to see.

If I live in another country, is it still possible to buy a kitten?

A: Yes it’s possible. The price of your kitten will have additional fees for shipping depending on your location.

What should I do if I want to be sure to have a kitten from one of your upcoming litters?

A: We suggest adding your name to our reservation list in order to reserve your place for upcoming litters. We prioritize our reservation list before showing kittens for adoption. Deposits are non refundable but you may wait for the right litter and the right kitten for as long as necessary.

If I want a kitten on hold or under evaluation what should I do?

If a kitten is under evaluation or on hold, you can contact us via our LexiBengals Facebook page or through (Contact us) to know if the kitten will be available soon. Our reservation list will be prioritized for all kittens!

How do I know when new kittens are available?

A: We let our clients on our reservation list know of what is available and we then post our litters on our Lexi Bengals Facebook page.

Are Bengal cats aggressive?

A: Any cat can be aggressive, but our breeding program does not have any aggressive Bengals. They simply have a lot of energy, so it’s important to keep them stimulated.

Can I change the name of my Bengal kitten?

Absolutely! The names we give our kittens are sometimes silly, but always temporary.

How do I prepare for the arrival of my Bengal?

A: Essentially, a litter box, food and a water bowl for your new kitten. A scratching post, cat tree and some toys would be purrfect too!When your Bengal comes home for the first time, make sure it sees “little doses” of your home and it’s inhabitants. An adoption guide and a starter kit are come with our kittens to help you out! We are also here to answer any questions you may have.

Do Bengals love water?

A: Some Bengals do, so don’t be surprised if your Bengal decides to join you in your bath!

How much do Bengals weigh?

A: Females can weigh between 7 and 12 pounds while males can weigh between 10 and 18 pounds.

Will a male spray if they are neutered?

A: Spraying is one way cats mark their territory. Neutering your cat will substantially decrease their motivation to spray in your home.

What should I do if I want to adopt a Bengal kitten from you guys?

A: You can contact us for a kitten that is marked available on our website or if you'd like to be added to our reservation list. Being on the list gives you priority to see the available kittens before they are posted on our website and on our Facebook page for everyone to see.

Want to Adopt a Bengal Kitten?

The quickest way to adopt a kitten is through the reservation list questionnaire. Add your name to our reservation list: