How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your Other Pets (Dogs/Cats)?

bengal introduce to other cats

It is important to know that the sex of your new kitten does not matter for your other cats as long as they’re all neutered or sprayed. The age gap will make a bigger difference. Step 1 – Isolating the new kitten We suggest that you isolate your Bengal kitten in a small room that […]

The Veterinarian

bengal vet

As mentioned in our contract, you will need to schedule a visit to your veterinarian within 10 days of acquiring your kitten. Please put a warm blanket and a comforter in the transport cage. Never take your cat/kitten without a cage in the car! Do not forget his health book since your veterinarian must have […]

The Importance of a Socialized Bengal Cat

We decided to write about our beautiful charcoal Bengal’s story to inspire others to not give up on their own cats. When we first got her from Asia, she would not eat nor drink and would always hide in the corner of a room the furthest possible from us. “This is a likely reaction to […]

Bengal Home Checklist for your Kitten

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a Bengal kitten here’s everything you’ll need for your home so your kitten will be at ease! Cat tree; Scratching post; Litter box (ideally 2 of them); Cat toys; Water and food dish; Dry or wet food; Cat bed; Pet insurance (since they’re very active which could lead to […]