One or Two Bengals?

If you’re thinking about adopting a Bengal kitten, there are several reasons why you should actually consider bringing a pair home instead of one. Having two Bengals makes it easier for you and is so much more beneficial for the kittens. Moving into a new home is a huge step for a kitten so when […]

Are Bengals Good With Children?


Yes, Bengals normally get along really well with children and other pets like dogs because Bengals love action and attention. If you consider a Bengal’s personality, you will notice that they are intelligent and active just like young children. As long as your new kitten is properly introduced in your new home, your Bengal will […]

Why Sterilize All Bengal Kittens?

Why Sterilize All Bengal Kittens

By sterilising our Bengal kittens, we help reduce the overpopulation of felines. Your cat will also live a healthier and longer life with fewer risks of getting diseases. By spaying female kittens, we reduce the risks of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and mammary cancer as well. By neutering male kittens, we reduce their aggressive instincts […]

Adopting a Retired Bengal Cat

You may be asking yourself why not just adopt a Bengal kitten? Catteries will normally keep their best female or male Bengals which means that they have an excellent temperament and coat. These breeders are what we want in Bengals since we want to reproduce them. Our Bengal adult cats have also been tested several […]

How to Choose the Right Bengal Kitten for You

You are deciding on a future member of your family which makes choosing the right Bengal kitten not easy. Every kitten has its own unique personality and physical traits and we take our time in matching the kitten with its future parents. Before you reserve a kitten, we ask several questions to help everyone make […]

Bengal Declawing

Should you declaw your cat? Declawing known also as onychectomy is the process of extracting the last phalanx of the cat (a bone of the finger from your cat). Some veterinarians still offer this service, but less and less do so and declawing is also banned in at least 22 countries. Because of the onychectomy, […]

Bengal Cat Health

Why Sterilize All Bengal Kittens

Like all cats, Bengals do have health problems and some can be inherited. Run, from any breeder that does not offer any health guarantees on kittens. The main health issues are progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK Def), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), and cataracts. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is hereditary and causes progressive blindness […]

Bringing Your New Bengal Cat Home

bengal home

Step 1 – The perfect timing The best time to bring your new Bengal cat home is on the weekend because people tend to have more free time than during the week when everyone’s working. Also, it’s quite important for you to be present for the first few days. Step 2 – Isolating your Bengal […]

Bengal Cat Personality

bengal intelligence

The Bengal cat is a hybrid between the  Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. Because of a Bengal’s origins, this breed has several personality traits that are similar to the Asian cat, but there’s nothing to worry about! Bengals have a superb and loving personality! Bengal’s personality: Very active and love to play; Great with […]

How to Get Your Bengal to Use the Litter Box?

bengal litter box

The key to successful litter box training is to make sure your cat finds his potty area appealing so he’ll use it. It’s important to set up the litter box with the Bengal’s preferences in mind and not just your own. Step 1 – Choosing the right type of litter There are two main types […]