One or Two Bengals?

If you’re thinking about adopting a Bengal kitten, there are several reasons why you should actually consider bringing a pair home instead of one. Having two Bengals makes it easier for you and is so much more beneficial for the kittens. Moving into a new home is a huge step for a kitten so when they have to do it together, they are less stressed.

Why two bengals are recommended instead of one:

  • Because they have the same energy level, having two Bengal kittens will also be less work for you since they will keep each other company, regulate their own energy level and groom each other after meals and
  • Few behavior problems since they learn from each other. They tend to avoid shyness and biting.
  • Bengals need attention and they will be less lonely when they are a pair especially if you work long hours during the day.
  • If you think you want another cat in the future, it would make sense to get two as kittens so they already get along.
  • Two cats will most likely be healthier since they are more playful together. The workload is the same for one or two kittens.
  • Double cuteness overload!!

Want to Adopt a Bengal Kitten?

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