Why Sterilize All Bengal Kittens?
Why Sterilize All Bengal Kittens

By sterilising our Bengal kittens, we help reduce the overpopulation of felines. Your cat will also live a healthier and longer life with fewer risks of getting diseases.

By spaying female kittens, we reduce the risks of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and mammary cancer as well.

By neutering male kittens, we reduce their aggressive instincts since they will want to defend their territory against other males if left unneutered.

Furthermore, a female cat that is not spayed will try and escape every time you open the door because it will look for males while in heat. On the other hand, the unneutered male cat will mark his territory and will also try and escape because he will be driven by hormones. By neutering our male kittens, we reduce the chances of them spraying and marking their territory all over your house in the future.

One of our goals as a cattery is to improve the breed and control our Bengal lines which is why all our kittens that are sold as pets are sterilized. Only kittens sold with breeding rights will not be spayed or neutered. Clients with breeding rights have been selected carefully as we want to make sure our kittens will be well taken care of. Already established catteries are privileged.

Our Bengal kittens are sterilized around the age of 14 weeks old. They stay with us for 14 days after their operation to ensure their well being and safety before leaving our cattery at the age of 4 months.

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