Are Bengals Good With Children?

Yes, Bengals normally get along really well with children and other pets like dogs because Bengals love action and attention. If you consider a Bengal’s personality, you will notice that they are intelligent and active just like young children. As long as your new kitten is properly introduced in your new home, your Bengal will become a great asset for your family.

They have dog-like behaviors, so they tend to follow their owners, play games, and even swim while being somewhat independent clean. They are great companions for families and don’t do well alone. If you have a quieter household, we recommend having preferably another Bengal or another animal in the house to keep them entertained.

You can leave your Bengal alone at home for no more than 48 hours and there is no need for a cage if your Bengal knows their routine. After 48 hours, they should have a babysitter or be at a friends’ house. If you work long hours during the day, having two bengals are recommend because they have the same energy level and will compensate for one another. They are each other’s perfect companion.

Our Bengal kittens are socialized with children and dogs and are used to a busy household. You can even teach your Bengal tricks and some even like to swim. You will not be getting a kitten that will hide every time you turn on the vacuum or when guests arrive.

Sometimes a Bengal kitten can be quieter and uncomfortable around young children who are often super loud and very active. We will not allow a fearful or anxious kitten to be adopted by a family with young children. We carefully select the kitten for each adopting family to make sure everyone’s lifestyle and needs are respected.

Want to Adopt a Bengal Kitten?

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