Bengal Declawing

Should you declaw your cat? Declawing known also as onychectomy is the process of extracting the last phalanx of the cat (a bone of the finger from your cat). Some veterinarians still offer this service, but less and less do so and declawing is also banned in at least 22 countries.

Because of the onychectomy, your kitten’s life is put at risk because general anesthesia is needed. There is also a very high risk of infections and other various complications during the surgery.

Afterwards, your Bengal’s behaviour can be affected. There is a risk of long-term or persistent pain which can bring inappropriate behaviours in Bengals that were not present before such as urinating outside of the litter box, aggression and biting towards its owners.

Even if Lexi Bengals does offer the possibility of declawing, we do NOT RECOMMEND declawing since the well-being and the life of the kitten are at risk. Feel free to contact us for more information or for any questions regarding this subject.

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