How to Introduce a New Kitten to Your Other Pets (Dogs/Cats)?
bengal introduce to other cats

It is important to know that the sex of your new kitten does not matter for your other cats as long as they’re all neutered or sprayed. The age gap will make a bigger difference.

Step 1 – Isolating the new kitten

We suggest that you isolate your Bengal kitten in a small room that has been kitty proofed. It allows your kitten to calm down and relax after moving or travelling. Water, food, toys, a litter box, a scratching post and a bed should be prepared and put into the room before your mini-leopard’s arrival. Please note that it may take several days for your cat to feel comfortable in your new home. During those few days, NO contact should be made with other cats and animals.

Step 2 – Switching the cats’ territories

Let the new kitten explore your home while the other cats/dogs are put into the small room dedicated for your new mini leopard. After some time, put your new cat back in its own room and the other animals back into the house. Repeat this step several times. It allows all the animals to get to know each other by their scents.

Step 3 – Getting to know each other

You shouldn’t go past step 2 if your animals and the new Bengal kitten are still agitated. It’s important to not rush step 2 without doing a minimum of 3 to 7 days after the arrival of your new furry friend. Place your favorite cat/dog’s treats in front of the small room dedicated to the kitten. Do the same for the kitten, but on the inside. If you’ve got several animals, we suggest that only one at a time meets the newcomer. That way, the cat/dog and the new kitten are but a few meters apart on each side of the closed door. As soon as they start eating, open the door a little bit. All the animals must be able to see the new kitten and vice versa without being able to touch each other. A screen door can be installed if you fear that a fight may happen. Either way, they will be able to see and smell each other without touching.

Step 4 – The first meeting 

Open the door completely during a meal so that the newcomer and another cat get to interact together. Let them get to know each other for some time under careful watch. If they seem to be playing/fighting, let them be unless it gets too aggressive. It allows them to negotiate the right of ownership of a territory. The faster it is done, the sooner they are more comfortable around each other. If they get too aggressive and that you need to intervene, don’t separate them, but rather throw something soft in their direction like a small cushion or clap your hands without looking at them. That way, they don’t think that you’re meddling in their business. For a dog, the introduction should happen with the dog on a leash in short sessions

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