How to Get Your Bengal to Use the Litter Box?
bengal litter box

The key to successful litter box training is to make sure your cat finds his potty area appealing so he’ll use it. It’s important to set up the litter box with the Bengal’s preferences in mind and not just your own.

Step 1 – Choosing the right type of litter

There are two main types of litter boxes: open pan and covered. Open pans are preferred by many mini leopards because they don’t trap odours inside, they’re not expensive and make it easy to know when it needs cleaning. A different type of litter boxes would be a covered type. These enclosed boxes conceal the litter and help contain the odour inside. While this may sound appealing to a pet owner, cats are sensitive to smell and may not like this type because of it.

On the other hand, covered litter boxes provide your kitten with privacy. You should choose which type of litter box with what your furry friend prefers. Before making that decision though, we suggest starting with a clumping scoopable litter which is the most popular. They reduce odour and make it easy to keep your Bengal’s box clean. Furthermore, some brands offer different types of deodorizers or scents with some stronger than others.

While cats prefer unscented litter, pet parents often choose the scented litter so it’s important to find a balance between the two to benefit everyone. If your mini leopard doesn’t like his litter, he will either scratch outside the box, go to the bathroom next to the box or stand on the edge of it. If your kitten displays any of these behaviors, try another type of litter.

Step 2 – Finding the perfect location

Finding the perfect location that works for both of you may be hard. Select an area that’s easily accessible and yet provides plenty of privacy, but don’t put the litter box next to appliances like washing machines. Keep it away from your Bengal’s food, water bowl and bed. Ideally, if you have multiple cats, you should have a litter box for each of them and one extra one, but don’t line them up next to each other because your cats will see them as one litter box only.

A dirty litter box can keep your cat from using his tray. Make sure to clean the box at least once a day. At some point, every once in a while, litter boxes eventually retain an odor even with regular cleaning, so change them out from time to time. You may also notice that cats tend to jump right in your freshly scooped box to do their business because they love clean litters!

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