Bringing Your New Bengal Cat Home
bengal home

Step 1 – The perfect timing

The best time to bring your new Bengal cat home is on the weekend because people tend to have more free time than during the week when everyone’s working. Also, it’s quite important for you to be present for the first few days.

Step 2 – Isolating your Bengal cat

We suggest that you isolate your Bengal kitten in a small room that has been kitty-proofed. It allows your kitten to calm down and relax after moving or traveling. Water, toys, a litter box, a scratching post, and a bed should be prepared and put into the room before your mini-leopard’s arrival. Please note that it may take several days for your cat to feel comfortable in your new home. During those few days, NO contact should be made with other cats and animals.

Step 3 – Getting to know your kitty

Your kitten/cat might feel lonely during these first few days, so it’s the perfect time for you to get to know your cat and vice versa. Play with your furry friend and give it all the attention and love it needs. Let your Bengal come to you. When your kitten does, it shows that it’s ready to get to know you because chasing around your cat will only scare it. This step shouldn’t be rushed. If you have young children, make sure that they stay calm and friendly while in the presence of your new family member. Teach your children that the kitten is not a toy. Slow movements and no loud noises are recommended.

Many cats are at the start very shy. They are also night owls so they tend to be more active at night. To help them adjust to your schedule, interactive toys and several play sessions may help.

To avoid future diseases, make sure your Bengal drinks lots and lots of water. Drinking water also prevents kidney failure. To pick your cat up, place one hand on your cat’s chest just behind its front legs and use your other hand to scoop up their back end. Bonding could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but it’s all worth it in the end. Remember patience is key!

Step 4 – Getting used to the rest of the house
Once your Bengal cat trusts you, you can let it out of the small room to explore the rest of the house slowly. Please note that your kitten may not feel comfortable about getting out of its little room before a few days. Do not leave it unsupervised during these transitions. If your mini-leopard seems scared, show him one room at a time during a short period of time. When you leave the house or are sleeping, make sure that your Bengal kitten is back in his own room to avoid any unwanted behavior.

Furthermore, look behind you when closing doors or leaving your home and be careful of tails, paws, and heads when closing doors. Later on, when your furry friend is comfortable around the rest of the home and does not hide every single time there’s a sudden movement or noise, then your Bengal cat is ready to live in the house and have fun! Cats love to sleep! Providing different places for your new family member to sleep in will make them feel more comfortable at home.

Step 5 – A safe and pleasant home for your mini-leopard

Making a few changes in your house can help you create a safer environment for your kitten. Your home needs to be safe and fun for your Bengal. It’s a good idea for your whole family to get used to looking where you step and to be careful when closing doors. Since all our kittens and adults leave with their claws, scratching posts and cat trees are recommended around the house, so unwanted items will not be damaged. It is possible that your mini-leopard may need more than one litter box, especially if you have a big house.

Make sure there is at least one on every level of your home and that it is easily accessible for your kitten. Please note that their litter boxes should not be placed in loud and noisy areas like the laundry room because undesired behavior may occur. Hide electrical wires, don’t leave plastic bags or objects made from polyurethane foam lying around, and put small objects away (medication, pills, toxic products, elastics, needles, etc).

Step 6 – Your Bengal and other animals

Introducing your kitten to other animals in the family requires a lot of patience and time, but is also worth it in the end because they enjoy their presence. This process should be gradual. They are very social and making friends is something they love to do.

Step 7 – Your kitten is now adapted to your home

You can now relax and enjoy your Bengal kitten knowing they have well adapted to your home. Make sure to give your mini-leopard lots and lots of love!

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