Bengal Cat Personality
bengal intelligence

The Bengal cat is a hybrid between the  Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. Because of a Bengal’s origins, this breed has several personality traits that are similar to the Asian cat, but there’s nothing to worry about! Bengals have a superb and loving personality!

Bengal’s personality:

Very active and love to play;

Great with children and other animals;

Extremely intelligent;

Possibility of teaching them tricks (ex: fetching the ball);

Love taking walks outside (start early);

Requires a lot of attention and time;


Having a second animal is recommended, especially another Bengal;

Should not be alone with small animals such as birds and small rabbits;

Loves water. 

Unfortunately, not all Bengals have the ideal character. It varies from one to another. Choosing the right breeder is really important because the kitten’s socialization is done by them during the first weeks of the kitten’s life. Its first weeks have a direct impact on his future personality, so the breeder has a big role in your cat’s life. To have a Bengal that’s kind and affectionate, he must be socialized and taken care of from an early age. Every Bengal who lives in our cattery is part of our people and pet family, so they are shown lots of love and attention.

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